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Handmade Locking Boxes, Keepsake Boxes - Jewelry Boxes - Valet Boxes - Secretary Boxes - Locking Gun Boxes

Proudly Display These Multi-Purpose Boxes on a Mantel, Book-shelve, End Table, Hutch,
Dresser, Night Stand, Desk, Credenza, Reception Area...

'Handcrafted Art That Serves A Purpose For Generations'
Let me tell you about My Boxes before I get to about me because my boxes are important.  I take making boxes seriously.  From the design to picking out the woods to how each piece fits together to applying the finish and all the many steps in between.  I love it and I take pride in what I do.  I want these boxes to be around for a while and their keepers to be proud and happy to have a nice looking and useful box.
I take a lot of time at my wood suppliers digging through piles of wood to pick and choose a board or two worthy.  Worthy is usually 'Unique', 'Different', a 'Standout', a 'Rebel' board.  Sometimes the ugliest board in the warehouse that nobody else wants, but I see a beautiful box or lid.  Some of my boxes have small or minor 'Defects'. The definition of defect is different for everyone.  A knot is a defect but I call it a 'Beauty Mark' most of the time.  It's natural and it's beautiful.  I will not sell a box with 'bad' defects.  I look at each piece of wood many, many times, so if there is a crack or something that could cause problems in the future it doesn't get used.  I allow for movement in the wood.  These boxes for the most part are Solid Wood.  I use veneer over plywood in larger pieces that if I used solid wood it would shrink and expand and the box would fall apart.  Plywood and Veneer are used in some of the finest antiques in the Smithsonian.  Again I take pride in what I build.  I sign and date every box and put Made in American on the bottom.  I will not sell a box I'm not proud of.
Now About me,     
I got a job in a Custom Cabinet Shop in 1974. Woodworking became a Passion of mine ever since. You might say I'm addicted to working with wood or making sawdust.
I've been fortunate to work or apprentice under many Master Craftsmen over the years in many different Custom Cabinet and Architectural Woodworking shops. I've been making everything you can imagine out of wood for over 40 fun filled years now. 
I recently went to a Bank that a Craftsman that I worked with (Neal) and I made and installed back in 1982.  We replicated the bank to it's original look (Built in 1892) from a picture and a small section of the 3 foot tall and 2 foot deep of the Crown Molding.  It was a beautiful Black Walnut Teller line with the 'Arched' and 'Caged' teller stations. Raised Panel Front.  Very, very beautiful. I was SHOCKED to see it today (2017) still looking exactly how it looked when Neil and I finished installing it.  It took us a few months to build and install it, but I see it was worth the effort. 
 I love seeing things that I've made over the years still being used.  I want that to keep happening.
I have a box that my Grandmother used to keep pictures in. I remember her displaying and bringing out that box and us going through the pictures in it when I was young. Every time I look at that box I think of her.  I want others to have the same experience. 
Now I've closed up my large shop and have a small shop at home. Designing Boxes and building them the 'Old School' way is now my passion. 
So that's my passion and my story. Hope you like my boxes.

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