Still Building 2 Jewelry Boxes with Swing Out Sides

I've done a bit since my last post, so I thought I'd show a few pics of the process and my progress so far.

I left off on my last post with glueing and clamping the sides and backs and cutting and gluing the Birch Veneers on the 9 Ply inside the swing outs.

Next I needed to glue the Birch Hardwood Frame onto the 9 Ply Baltic Birch.

Making Jewelry Boxes, Walnut and Cherry Wood Boxes

While those are drying, I'm going to sand the curvature onto the Drawer Fronts. 

Making a 4 Drawer Jewelry Box with Curved Front

Sanding a Curve on a Drawer Front

Making a Walnut and Cherry 4 Drawer Jewelry Box

There, that was easy. Looks about right.

Time to un-clamp the sides and put the same curve on the 9 Ply Drawer Rails.

Making a 4 Drawer with Swing Out Jewelry Box

Tracing the Curve on Drawer Rails on Jewelry Box

Sanding a Curve on Drawer Rails for Jewelry Box

Next I'll sand the fronts just a tad to get a idea of the look. I think I'm on target.

Sanding 4 Drawer Jewelry Box Fronts

Walnut and Cherry Wood 4 Drawer Jewelry Boxes

Now, 'Snap' or Dry Fit the pieces and......

Making a Walnut and Cherry Wood 4 Drawer Jewelry Box

Making a Walnut Raised Panel Jewelry Box

Making a Jewelry Box with Swing Out Sides for Necklaces

I've got to miter the front stiles onto the sides and get those glued up to set overnight.

Miter a Return onto a Raised Panel Side

Gluing and Clamping Returns onto Jewelry Box Sides

Next step is all those Dovetail Drawers. All 8 of them.  I cut them on the Table Saw.  Saw a YouTube Video of this method, tryed it, liked it, but it still is very time consuming. Hundreds of cuts, then some minor chiseling. 

Making Dovetail Drawers

Cutting Dovetails on a Tablesaw

Making Maple Dovetail Drawers for Jewelry Box

Maple Dovetail Drawers for a Jewelry Box

So far, so good. I'll need to dado the bottoms in and glue these drawers up, then onto the Bases and Tops. 

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I will probably show more of the process here also.

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