Building 4 Drawer Jewelry Boxes with Swing Out Sides

I've had some delays, but I've still been busy working on these boxes. Very pleased with the way they are looking.

Lot's of pics of most of the steps.

I left off on the last post cutting the dovetails on the drawers.  I then fit, sanded each piece, then glued and clamped them.  I like to leave glue-ups like that drying overnight.

Making Dovetail Drawers for a Jewelry Box

Now I cut and shape the Handles for the Swing Out Sides. Then glue them on.

Making Handles for Jewelry Boxes on the Shaper

Gluing the Handles onto Jewelry Box with Swing Out Sides

Now I'm going to make the Lids.  The Center Piece is going to be fairly large so I want to Stablize it so it won't Warp, Swell and Contract too much.  I do this by re-sawing it and gluing inbetween a piece of 1/4" Plywood.  I drill many 1/8" holes in the plywood to keep the plywood from delaminating. I also don't want a piece this wide, so I split that.  A lot of work, but I want these boxes to last.

Making Lids for Jewelry boxes

Making a laminated Lid for Jewelry boxes

Gluing up Lids for Jewelry Boxes

I put a thin layer of glue on all edges and sides, sandwich them between 4 pieces of 3/4" Ply, then use a ton a clamps.

Clamping Laminated Lids for Jewelry Boxes

After they stay clamped up overnight I scrape the glue off one side and cut them to size.

I then step over to the table saw with those tops and the pieces of 9 Ply for the bottoms and use my Miter-Box Sled to cut the Birch Frames.

Cutting Jewelry Box Frame on Table Saw Miter Sled

Making Lids and Bases for Jewelry Boxes

Fastening Frame to Center of Lid

Biscuit Joint on Jewelry Box Lid

Even the miters get a biscuit. 

Now it's time to get the base ready to glue up.  I need to make it look pretty .

Making a base for a Large Jewelry Box

Sanding scowls on a Base for a Large Jewelry Box

After sanding them I splined and glued them onto the 9 Ply.

Next I'll lay the Drawer Frame onto the back so I can trace it so I know where to place the biscuits to glue and fasten them with.  It's not as easy as I make it sound, but I somehow make it come out perfect. Lot's of practice I guess.

Biscuit Joint Back Raised Panel onto Box

Making a Large Jewelry Box with Raised Panels

Here's a pic of me Shaping the Outside Edge on the Lid after I sanded the corners and shape onto the front edge.  I have a bearing the edge rides on so I can do curves.

Shaping the edge of the Lid of the Handmade Jewelry Box

After I shape and sand the Lid and Base of each box, I fasten them onto the box the same way I fastened the Raised Panel Back onto the Drawer Box Frame.  I lay them in place and trace them.  Then mark where I want the biscuits and cut those.  Lot's of glue in the Biscuit Joints and NO WAY these boxes are going to come appart.

Fastening Top and bottom of a Jewelry Box with Biscuits

Attaching the Lid and Base onto a 4 Drawer Jewelry Box

After those are glued on and have dried overnight it's time to fit and sand the drawers.  Then glue on the Drawer Fronts.

Fitting and sanding Dovetail Drawers for Handmade Jewelry Box

After the Drawers are fit it's time to mark out the Hooks for the Necklaces.  I'm putting 6 hooks on each side.  I also am marking where I am going to chisel out for the Hinges.  Time to attach the Swing Out Sides also!

Marking for Hooks for Necklaces and Hinges for Swing Out Sides

Here we go. Starting to look like Jewelry Boxes with Swing Out Sides for Necklaces and Earrings. The Black Metal Mesh for the earrings is attached after the finish.

Handmade Large Jewelry Boxes

Handmade Raised Panel Large Jewelry Boxes

Large Handmade Jewelry Boxes with Swing Out Sides for Necklaces

Large 4 Drawer Jewelry Box with Swing Out Sides

Large Birch and Walnut Handmade Jewelry Box

Large Birch and Cherry Jewelry Box with Swing Out Sides

I have a lot of sanding to do.  Also a removable ring box and dividers for the drawers.  Then the Lacquer Finish.  Lots of fun, time consuming stuff, but it won't be long before these are up for sale at My Etsy Shop.  Keep a eye.  They'll be beautiful once the Lacquer hits them and the Grain Pops!

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