I had a accident

It is hard to type, and am slowly picking away at the keys, but since I can only sit around all day, it is better than sitting and watching TV. 

On May 28th I decided to clime up a extention ladder 20' high to cut a tree limb that waa rubbing on the power line to my home. Not a smart move. The ladder slipped out from under me an I landed on my face.

I was paralized for 2 days. SCARY! I slowly began to get movement back. SLOWLY.  I have Central Cord Syndrome or have a brused my spinal cord from T2 to C3-4.  

I was in the hostpital for 6 LONG weeks. 2 of them in ICU.  3 of them in rehab learning how to do simple things all over again. Just feeding myself is hard and messy,but every day I improve.  I can walk short distances with my leg braces on with a walker now.

I am hoping by Christmas (My Goal) that I will be making boxes again.

If I can afford to that is.  Medical expences may put a hold on life.

I will keep post posting updates here.

Bless You and Thank You, 


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