Morado/Bolivian Rosewood Humidors For Sale

This was a beautiful piece of  Morado/Bolivian Rosewood  that I found and I knew it would make some beautiful boxes. 

I was asked to make a Humidor by a privious customer and this is the type of wood we decided on. I'm happy we did.  The boxes are lined with Un-Finished Honduras Mahogany.

They measure 11 5/8" X 9 1/2" X 5" on the outside and 9 1/8" X 7 1/8" X 3 1/8" on the inside.

They each have 2 Adjustable/Removable Dividers and a Xikar Round Digital Hygrometer. 

I made 2 Humadors and one Multi-Purpose Locking Box.

These pictures don't do these boxes justice but will give you a idea of the beauty.

1st Humidor

Handmade Locking Morado/Bolivian Rosewood Humidor

Handmade Rosewood Locking Humidor

Morado/Bolivian Rosewood Humidor For Sale

Bolivian Rosewood Humidor For Sale

Morado/Bolivian Rosewood Humidors With Quadrant Hinges

Locking Humidor For Sale

Quadrant Hinge in Humidor

Morado/Bolivian Rosewood Humidor with Honduras Mahogany Lining

2nd Humidor

Morado/Bolivian Rosewood with Maple Humidor For Sale

Locking Morado/Bolivian Rosewood and Maple Humidor For Sale

Morado/Bolivian Rosewood Humidor

Morado/Bolivian Rosewood with Maple Splines Humidor For Sale

Handcrafted Morado Rosewood Humidor For Sale

Locking Handmade Morado Rosewood Humidor

Mahogany Lined Humidor For Sale

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