4 New Handmade Locking Boxes For Sale

Here are some pics of my latest Locking Boxes with Lift Out Trays and 2 adjustable/removable dividers.

It took me a while to get these done because my spinal cord injury is not healing as fast as I wished it would, but luckly I can still work most days a hour or two or sometimes even three. My favorite time of the day is when I'm working in my shop.

I book-matched the lids on a couple of the boxes.  One 'Wild' grain piece of Black Walnut and a Black Walnut box with Oak Burl. I'm very pleased with how all these boxes turned out. Wish the pics showed the real beauty of the grains and colors.

Black Walnut Locking Box With Book-Matched Wild Grain Lid

Black Walnut Locking Box For Sale

Locking Black Walnut Box

Book-Matched Black Walnut Lid on a Wooden Box

Handmade Black Walnut Locking Box

Quadrant Hinges on a wood box

Handcrafted Wooden Box

Box with Lift Out Tray

Quadrant Hinge

Handmade Box with Tray and Dividers

Mens Valet Box

Black Walnut Locking Box with Book-Matched Oak Burl Lid

Black Walnut Box with Oak Burl Lid

Locking Box For Sale

Book-Matched Oak Burl

Walnut Box with Corner Splines

Black Walnut Box with Quadrant Hinges

Locking Box For Sale

Handmade Locking Wood Box

Box with Quadrant Hinges For Sale

Large Locking Box For Sale

Large Mens Valet Box

Large Black Walnut Locking Box with Maple Handle, Lid Trim and Corner Splines

Large Locking Wood Box For Sale

Large Handmade Wood Box

Wild Grain Black Walnut Box

Locking Box For Sale

Box with Hinged Lid

Locking Box with Hinged Lid For Sale

Box For Sale

Quadrant Hinge

Box with Tray and Dividers

Large Walnut Keepsake Box

Canarywood Locking Wood Box with Wenge Wood Handle, Lid Trim and Corner Splines

Handmade Canarywood Locking Box

Locking Canarywood Box For Sale

Canarywood and Wenge Wood Box

Large Locking Canarywood Box

Canarywood Box with Hinged Lid

Large Wooden Box For Sale

Canarywood Box

Canarywood Box with Quadrant Hinges

Canarywood Keepsake Box

Canarywood Mens Valet Box

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