OK, I'm back! 3 of my 'Large older Boxes I'm selling. New boxes coming

I just dusted off these 3 boxes that I delisted and was going to keep,but do to my Spinal cord injury and my recent mild Stroke (June 24th 2019) I am in need of some money so I am  going to sell them.

These boxes have been on a shelving unit in my 'Box Room' , a room in my home I use as a shipping and storing room.  

here's some new pictures of them

Large 3 drawer box

Box for sale

Large Locking box

This box is beautiful but does have a few small cracks in the burl Walnut veneer on the inside and outside of the Lid. very minor, Over-all the Box is very very BE- A- UT-IFULL!   

large Box For Sale

These are 3 awesome boxes heirloom boxes with lots of room inside of them to store things that are special or valuable to you.  This large locking box with the locking drawer is Perfect for this!

The Spinal Cord injury I have is a lot more serious than I thought.  I have a C-2  C- 6  incompleate spinal cord injury and it is now healing very slow. it affects my arms, wrists and hands and fingers. they are weak, and  slow moving.

That wasn't enough, so I decided to have a mild Stoke which effected my Left hand side. I now need a leg brace on my left leg for Foot Drop and hyper-extention.

I have been in accute Physical Therepy and still am.  both at home and in town.

I am on a mission to get well enough to make boxes again!

MY Physical Theripists see my determination and are helping me achieve my goal. They say I am doing well enough to start - but they want me to start off and proceed slowly. not too much at a time. Work 1/2 hour, rest 1/2 hour. They made me take a oath and promise I would follow their orders.   

So i am going to slowly start making boxes again. Maybe more of these large boxes or maybe more of my locking boxes.??? I don't know yet. been thinking hard about that.

1st thing is I need to sell one of these boxes so I can afford some wood and hardware.

If you purchase one of these boxes - God Bless  you and I will ship it off to you ASAP. Priority Mail 

I am hoping that I will be able to post more often now and keep you informed of my progress and when and what kind of boxes I am working on

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