I'm starting to make boxes again! Soon

I’ve been hard at work with my physical therapy. I am getting better. A little more stamina. I was in the shop cleaning it and looking at wood for about a hour and a half today. Getting over this stroke and spinal cord injury is tough.A LOT tougher than I thought it woul be I finally am getting my leg braces this Friday. I am hoping that will help me with my stamina.I did have enough wood to make 4 of my ‘Locking boxes’.One  Canary Wood. One Hickory. And two Red Oak. The wood is Real nice and beautiful too. It may tke me a while to make these boxes, but I’m exited about making them and getting back to work making sawdust again. I will be taking pictures of the progress and process. So look for more posts. Soon and frequently I hope


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