Just when I got all the wood picked out and a plan in place to make 4 new locking boxes and I was feeling so much better. I was sitting in the living room with my AWESOME wife watching a little TV and decided to get up and steam me some vegies for a snack and didn't have the strength to stand up. I JUST HAD ANOTHER STROKE. My wife called 911 and they got me to the hostpital quick enough to give me the magic TPA (Tissue plasminogen activator) which needs to be given no later than 1 1/2 hours after the stroke.  It's a HIGH potent Blood thinner that makes the recovery MUCH quicker and easier.

After 3 miserable days in the hostpital they relucktrably let me come home. They put me on PLavicil, which is a very potant Blood Thinner. So if I cut myself I will need to apply firm pressure for an extended amount of time to stop the bleeding. Thy said I might need to go to the ER if I can't stop the bleeding. Kind of Scary. They told me to STAY OUT of my Shop. NO WOOD Working.It's TOO Dangerous. This SUCKS! I guess I have a lot of plack buildup in my neck arteries so I might have to be on this blood thinner for an extended amount of time.

So it looks like my box making days are over for quite a while.  DAMN THE BAD LUCK!

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